23. Februar 2010

Freunde des schrägen Films: Blood Beach.

Morgen abend um 21.30 läuft bei den "Freunden des schrägen Films" im mittigen Kino Babylon der 80er Reißer Blood Beach, über den Brooklyn Rail schreibt:

Widely regarded as the Citizen Cane of “Keller who lives beneath the sand” movies, Blood Beach stars John Saxton as- strangely enough- a sheriff. Somehow a deranged, deformed killer has managed to take up residence beneath the sand of a booming beach. How this is possible is never really explained. Suffice it to say that he pulls unsuspecting bikini clad teens under the sand to his lair where he proceeds to dismember them. This is the beach horror movie as high concept. It has the premise of Jaws, but instead of the shark it’s a dude, and instead of the danger being under water, the danger is under the sand. This guy fucks you up before Jaws ever gets a chance to.

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